The Pickle Diner

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The Pickle Diner.jpg

The Pickle Diner is a diner located in New York, in close proximity to the Arconia. Opened in 1963, the diner is frequented by Oliver Putnam, Mabel Mora, and Charles-Haden Savage. Up until her death, the diner was also a frequent hangout for Bunny Folger, who was friendly and close with Ivan, the waiter.

The diner first makes its appearance in The Last Day of Bunny Folger, and is revealed to be a frequent place visited by Bunny. During her last day, Bunny gives the waiter, Ivan, a large envelope of cash to put towards buying DJ equipment. It is revealed that she frequently gave Ivan envelopes of cash during her visits.


The diner is located on corner of West 86th Street and West End Avenue, a short walk away from the Arconia. In the real world, however, the diner is located on the Upper East Side at 1634 York Ave, and is known as "Manison Restaurant".