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Charles-Haden Savage is one of the three main characters in the Hulu Original series, Only Murders in the Building. A well known and respected actor and resident of the Arconia, Charles becomes involved in an eccentric and difficult attempt to solve the murder of Tim Kono.


Brazzos and Early History[edit]

Prior to his relocation to the Arconia in 1993, Charles stared on the hit television show Brazzos, which earned him critical acclaim and made him well known around the world. Upon moving into the Arconia, he began a relationship with a woman named Emma, which lasted for approximately six years before the two parted ways. Charles cites their parting due to Emma's jealousy that he payed more attention to her seven-year-old daughter than he did to her. This remains a personal and touchy topic for Charles.

Relationship with Emma[edit]

Charles relationship with Emma is a complicated and touchy subject for him to discuss. The two met on vacation in Iceland and not long after, she moved in with him into his apartment at the Arconia. Charles began paying more attention to Lucy, Emma's seven-year-old daughter than he did to her and she became jealous of this. On their anniversary, Charles took the three of them on a family-friendly cruise, which made Emma mad and on the third day, she and Lucy flew back to St Croix without Charles, thereby ending their five-year relationship.

Relationship with Jan[edit]

When Charles, Mabel Mora, and Oliver Putnam begin investigating the murder of Tim Kono, Charles becomes a star again when he begins hosting their podcast, which is aptly also named Only Murders in the Building. During the investigation, Charles bumps into Jan Bellows in the elevator of the Arconia and the two begin talking and flirting. Mabel encourages the flirting but Charles is reserved given the feelings of failure from his previous relationship.

Nonetheless, Charles and Jan begin to talk more and eventually, they go on a date. During the date, tensions rise when Jan begins pressing Charles about his previous relationship; he makes it clear to her that they had an understanding that he wasn't ready to air his dirty laundry, and she is pressuring him. This leads to a premature ending of the date. Charles eventually realises that he must let his previous relationship go, however, and he asks Jan out on a second date, to which she agrees.

During their second date, Charles opens up to Jan, and she opens up further to him. The date is a success, and the two begin hanging out more and more afterwards. Things become difficult for Charles when Mabel and Oliver begin to suspect that Jan could be the killer. This causes tensions between the three and Charles pulls out of the podcast.

Eventually, Jan suspects that Charles may be reserved about her and may have feelings that she is the murderer. He tells her that he never thought she was, but eventually, it is revealed that Charles did in fact, have an inclination that Mabel and Oliver could've been telling the truth. Charles quickly discovers that Jan is the murderer but it is all too late and she has already administered the poison through his handkerchief — the same poison she used to kill Tim.

Charles manages to crawl to the Arconia's elevator where he meets with Oliver and Mabel who are able to remedy the poison with Gut Milk. They go after Jan and find her in the basement where they are successfully able to capture her and turn her into the Police. This allows them to finish their podcast having solved Tim Kono's murder.


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