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Originally known under the alias Poppy White, Becky Butler is a recurring character in the first and second season of the Hulu Original Only Murders in the Building. She is the assistant of famed podcast host, Cinda Canning, who quickly becomes tired of the treatment she receives from Cinda.

Becky originally operates under the alias of Poppy whilst working under Cinda, however it is eventually revealed that she is in fact, Becky Butler, the woman whose murder was the forefront of the All is Not Okay in Oklahoma podcast.[1]


Experience with Cinda[edit]

Poppy works for Cinda Canning under the alias, and her real name, Becky Butler, is obscured from the public eye. Poppy was the one responsible for finding and booking Jimmy Russo for Cinda's podcast, hoping that this would earn her a well deserved promotion.

Poppy accompanies Cinda to Bunny Folger's apartment where they meet with Detective Kreps as well as Charles, Mabel, and Oliver. All present are told to quit their podcasts and their investigations and allow the detectives to solve Bunny's murder. Poppy and Mabel briefly converse following this, with Mabel telling Poppy that Cinda's treatment of her is not okay and is rude. Poppy dismisses Mabel's concerns, citing that she was paying her dues. Mabel furthers the conversation by telling Poppy that Jimmy was lying on the podcast and if possible, could she talk Cinda into preventing the podcast episode from airing.

Returning to the studio, Poppy asks Cinda for a performance review in the hopes of getting a promotion. Whilst she usually doesn't consider promotions within the first five years, Cinda agrees to consider the idea, but eventually declines Poppy's request. Following this, Poppy calls Mabel and tells her that she would like to assist in taking Cinda down, but the conversation is cut short by Mabel who hangs up on Poppy during the phone call.

Helping Mabel[edit]

Following the phone call, Mabel visits Poppy at the recording studio hoping to get help from her as they had previously spoken about. Poppy, however, tells Mabel that she can't help. Mabel continues to poke into Cinda's past and her involvement with Bunny but Poppy tells her to stop as she doesn't know what Cinda is capable of. With this, Poppy eventually reveals that she is in fact, Becky Butler, the focus of the All is Not Okay in Oklahoma podcast.[1]

The Killer Revealed[edit]

Mabel, Oliver, and Charles are eventually quick to figure out that Cinda is not the killer that they're looking for. Instead, they turn their attention to Becky, believing that she could be the one who orchestrated Bunny's murder.

The investigators throw a killer reveal party in which they publicly name Becky as the killer. It is eventually revealed that Becky killed Bunny Folger in an attempt to give Cinda something to cover on her podcast after Cinda refused to cover the disappearance of Rose Cooper. In turn, she worked with Detective Kreps to cover up her involvement, and he helped work as a decoy to keep the attention off her. As a result of this, she and Detective Kreps are arrested for their involvement in Bunny's death.[2]


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