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Bunny Folger was a recurring character on Only Murders in the Building and the head of the Arconia board up until her untimely death at the end of season one.

Bunny had an open dislike for the investigators, Mabel Mora, Charles-Haden Savage, and Oliver Putnam, presumably due to the bad press their podcast attracted for the Arconia. She further had tensions with Oliver over his repeated missed payments of his building fees. At the end of season one, she is killed by an unknown suspect and Mabel is framed for the murder.



Bunny Folger is the granddaughter of the late Archibald Carter, the architect who built the Arconia in the early twentieth century. Bunny was raised in the Arconia as a result and lived her entire life here in the same apartment which he had previously lived. As a result, Bunny was aware of the numerous secret passages and elevators within the building that aided her in getting around unnoticed.[1]\

At some point in time, Bunny inherited the position of President of the Arconia's Tenant Board — a position which was previously filled by her mother, Leonora Folger. She would later go on to serve in this position for the next twenty-six years, living in the same apartment she grew up in.[2]

Vendetta against the investigation[edit]

From the beginning of the investigation into Tim Kono's murder, Bunny acts callously and hostile towards the investigators. Presumably, this is due to the negative press that the Arconia is receiving and the resident's verbal announcement that it is making their lives difficult. Nonetheless, the investigation continues, but Bunny makes it clear that the board will discuss their next steps.

Furthermore, Bunny talks with Oliver Putnam during Tim Kono's memorial about the unpaid building fees and bills, citing that he is several weeks behind and if he doesn't pay, the board will be forced to take further action. Oliver fails to pay after this warning and Bunny begins the eviction process and puts a notice up on Oliver's door about his eviction.

Shortly after, Bunny makes it clear that the investigation and the public podcast must cease in order to allow the residents of the Arconia to return to a sense of normalcy. This message goes unheard and the podcast continues and, after a public vote by the residents of the building, she starts the eviction process for Charles and Mabel too.

Death and investigation[edit]

Mabel Mora stands over Bunny's dead body.

Little more is said about he podcast and the eviction, but eventually Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are able to figure out that Jan Bellows was the one who murdered Tim Kono and the investigation is solved, much to the delight of Bunny and the other residents of the Arconia. That same night, however, Charles and Oliver walk into Mabel's apartment to find her hovering over Bunny's dead body with her knitting needle protruding from her back. Mabel is framed for the murder and is taken to prison as a result.

The three investigators, Charles-Haden Savage, Oliver Putnam, and Mabel Mora later decide that they will investigate Bunny's murder in an attempt to both find out the suspect and clear their names. This proves difficult, however, when it becomes clear that the murderer is trying to frame Charles by hanging Bunny's painting in his bedroom. What ensues is further complexities when Bunny's mother, Leonora Folger, arrives at the Arconia to recoup her losses and recover the painting from Bunny which she announces rightfully belongs to her.[1]

Eventually, the murder mystery surrounding Bunny's death begins to unveil after it is revealed that Poppy White is in fact, Becky Butler. Becky met with Bunny at the Pickle Diner shortly before her death to talk about the Rose Cooper painting, therefore providing an answer for who Bunny was meeting at the diner that night. It is further explained that Bunny's final words were "14, sandwich", referring to Becky's order at the Pickle Diner, and not "14, Savage". Bunny's murder was orchestrated as a publicity stunt and to give Cinda Canning something further to talk about on her podcast.[3]


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  • Bunny was President of the Arconia's Tenant Board for a total of 26 years before her death.[2]
    • Bunny inherited the position as President from her mother, Leonora Folger.
  • She appears quite rich, having been able to pay a large sum to the waiter at the Pickle Diner.
  • Bunny hates the heat.