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Alice is a main character in second season of the Hulu Original Only Murders in the Building. She is a sophisticated art-gallery owner who becomes enshrined in the mystery of what is occurring at the Arconia; she becomes good friends with the investigators as a result.


Meeting Mabel[edit]

Alice is introduced as a young, Art-gallery owner in New York City with a particular interest in Mabel and her art. She calls Mabel and leaves her a message inviting her to her gallery opening later that day, hoping that she can attend. Mabel eventually does attend the opening, and is approached by several people wanting to take her photograph. Alice warns them off and tells them to leave her alone, and shows her the art she has created in the gallery.

Not long after, Mabel returns to Alice and the two talk once more. Alice shows Mabel a painting she made for her, and gives her an axe. She tells her to smash the painting up as this will be therapeutic for her; a task that Mabel does and enjoys heavily. After this, the two kiss and begin to make out with one another in the gallery.


Season 2