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Cinda Canning
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Occupation Podcast Host
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Relatives Stanley (Son)
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Gender Female
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Portrayed by Tina Fey
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Debut True Crime

Cinda Canning is a recurring character in the first and second seasons of the Hulu Original Only Murders in the Building. She is a podcast host and production company owner, and the host of the All Is Not Ok in Oklahoma podcast. She seems to have a dislike for the investigators and began a further podcast, Only Murderers in the Building focused on the involvement of the investigators in Bunny Folgers murder.


Early History[edit]

Whilst little is known about Cinda's early history, it is known that she dropped out of college at a young age, but the date is unknown. Following this, Cinda began working as an intern for Kay Graham at the Washington Post. It was during this time that she began creating podcasts, which would eventually go on to win her two Peabody Awards.

Following the disappearance of Becky Butler, Cinda was approached by Poppy White who prompted her to investigate the disappearance. At the time, Cinda was unaware that Poppy White was an alias of Becky Butler and, she took on the case anyway and began investigating the case; she called the podcast All Is Not OK in Oklahoma, which rose to fame and gained her popularity beyond that she had ever experienced before. During the research for the podcast, Cinda frequented the Chicken Chung, a restaurant in Oklahoma. She later met Daniel Kreps at the restaurant who, unbeknownst to Cinda at the time, planted evidence to support her in solving the mystery and thus, provided content for her podcast.[1]

Only Murderers in the Building[edit]

Following the death of the Arconia's board president, Bunny Folger, Cinda began a new podcast focusing on the involvement of the three investigators, Mabel Mora, Oliver Putnam, and Charles-Haden Savage, in Bunny's death. Cinda believed that the investigators were responsible, or somehow invovled, in Bunny's death, and were covering the investigation to cover their tracks. Cinda named this podcast Only Murderers in the Building, a mockery of their podcast, Only Murders in the Building.


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