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The Arconia is a large apartment block located in the Upper West Side of New York, and serves as the central location for the events of Only Murders in the Building. It is the apartment block in which the three main characters, Mabel Mora, Oliver Putnam, and Charles-Haden Savage reside.


The Arconia is a large tower block known for housing wealthy residents. Mabel was one asked by Oliver how she can afford to live in the Arconia, but she declined to answer. It later became known that she was living in her wealthy aunt's apartment whilst it was being redecorated. As a result of the high building fees, the Arconia is often home to those who have had successful careers, such as Teddy Dimas and Charles-Haden Savage.

Oliver is one of the residents that has been known to struggle to pay the high building fees due to the decline of his career. As a result of this, an eviction process was started against him.


There are several hidden passageways located throughout the Arconia, constructed when the building was designed. These passageways allowed for Archibald, the architect, to move throughout the Arconia undetected. The passageways remained undiscovered for several decades later, until Lucy began using them to play hide-and-seek with Anya, Arnav's daughter.

The three investigators, Mabel Mora, Charles-Haden Savage, and Oliver Putnam later learned of the passageways following the death of Bunny Folger. Oliver aptly named the passageways the "Arcatacombs", a combiation of "Arconia", and "Catacombs". There are several locations throughout the Arconia where the passageways can be entered from, including in Charles' bathroom and Mabel's closet.


Former Residents[edit]

Notes and Trivia[edit]

  • The Arconia has 14 floors in total with a sub-basement level. Absent, however, is floor 13, and there appears no button in the elevator for this floor.
    • It is possible that the penthouse is located at floor 13. Given the penthouse has its own button in the elevator, this would explain the absence of the 13th floor.
    • Another explanation is that due to superstition, it has become wide common practice in the United States to omit the 13th floor of large, buildings on elevator number systems. Thus, this would explain why there is no 13th floor button in the elevator of the building.