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Tim Kono is a recurring character in the Hulu Original Only Murders in the Building and a former investment banker. Kono's death sends shockwaves through the residents of the Arconia, and fuels an investigation into uncovering the perpetrator responsible.

Unbeknownst to most residents, however, Kono was a childhood friend of Mabel Mora, and also knew information about a previous death that occurred at the Arconia.


Meeting Mabel and the Hardy Boys[edit]

Tim was a lonely kid who spent the majority of his time at the Arconia, where he would play games outside of the Arconia, and had a particular affinity for playing near the water fountain. It was at the fountain that he met Mabel Mora one day. The two instantly hit it off and became quite close friends. Eventually, they met Zoe Cassidy and Oscar Torres, and the three would go on to become best friends. They dubbed themselves "the Hardy Boys" after their affinity for the Hardy Boys novel series.

Years later, Tim would witness a fight between an unknown person and Zoe Cassidy one New Years Eve on the roof of the Arconia. A fight that led to Zoe's death after she slipped and fell from the roof to the ground below. Tim informed Mabel that the person she saw arguing with Zoe was not Oscar, but he refused to tell her anything more, or reveal who it was Zoe was fighting with. As a a result, Mabel and Tim made a pact that they would pretend they did not know one another, a pact they stuck to for a decade further. It is later revealed that Tim would not reveal who Zoe was arguing with as he had been threatened by Teddy Dimas, who gave him the a profitable ring in exchange.


At some point, Tim became involved in an attempt to sell the jewellery he had stolen from Teddy and Theo Dimas. This led him to making arrangements to meet with someone at Tavos' tattoo parlour, but the meeting never happened as Tim was found dead shortly before. After a long and gruesome investigation by Mabel Mora, Charles-Haden Savage, and Oliver Putnam, it is eventually found that Tim was romantically involved with Jan and eventually killed by her after he called off their romantic involvement.[2]



  • It was initially thought that Tim was killed by a gunshot, however toxicology reports found that he was poisoned before being shot.
  • There were numerous suspects in Tim's death before the killer was ever found:



  1. The toxicology report stated that Tim was 25 at the time of his death, placing his birth within the year 1993.
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