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Oscar Torres is a recurring character on Only Murders in the Building and one of the four Hardy Boys of the Arconia. He had a close relationship with Mabel but was openly dating Zoe Cassidy at the time of her death. Due to this, Oscar was the prime suspect in her death and was sent to prison for 10 years as a result.

When Oscar is released from prison, he seeks out Mabel hoping to rekindle their friendship and possible relationship. Instead, he becomes one of the investigators trying to solve the murder of Tim Kono.


The Hardy Boys and Zoe[edit]

At some point, Oscar met Mabel Mora, Tim Kono, and Zoe Cassidy at the Arconia. They grew close and bonded over their love of the Hardy Boys, eventually dubbing themselves the Hardy Boys. They would wonder around the Arconia solving mysteries and entering apartments via the use of Oscar's fathers key, given he is the superintendent of the Arconia.

Eventually, they would come across Teddy Dimas' jewellery collection and Zoe would take a ring for herself during the night of the New Years Eve Party. Shortly after, Oscar and Zoe get into an argument on the roof of the Arconia, but Oscar leaves during the argument, which is witnessed by Tim Kono. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Theo Dimas witnesses the argument too and talks with Zoe afterwards. Theo and Zoe get into an argument and she is accidentally pushed from the roof of the Arconia, and Oscar is believed to be the one responsible. As a result, he goes to prison for ten years.

Solving Tim's Murder[edit]

Upon his return, Oscar wishes to rekindle his friendship and involvement with Mabel, and is angry that she is so bent on solving Tim's murder. Eventually, however, he comes around and decides that he has valuable information that could aid them in their investigation. He joins as one of the investigators and tries to help Mabel, Charles, and Oliver to solve the murder.

At the same time, he grows closer with Mabel and the two begin dating after the murder is solved.


Season 1


  • Oscar first appears in True Crime wearing the tie-dye hoodie and is henceforth know by the name "Tie-Dye Guy" until it becomes clear in Twist that he was the one wearing the hoodie.