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Nina Lin is a recurring character on Only Murders in the Building and the current head of the Arconia board after replacing Bunny Folger following her untimely death. She is described by Howard Morris as being even more hard work than Bunny.


President of the Tenant Board[edit]

Nina is introduced as the heavily pregnant replacement President of the Arconia's Tenant Board, having taken up the position after the untimely death of former board President, Bunny Folger. She tells the investigators and the rest of the attendants at Bunny's wake that she is well aware of all of the troubles facing the Arconia and that things will swiftly be turned around under her leadership.

Howard Morris warns Charles, Oliver, and Mabel that Nina is a "bitch" and even worse than Bunny when it comes to dealing with situations, thus warning them that Nina is expected to be big trouble moving forward.

Involvement in Bunny's Death[edit]

At a later date, Howard visits Mabel, Charles, and Oliver and tells them that he lied about how he attained his bruised eye. Despite originally stating that he fell, he reveals that he was actually punched in the face by Nina, and therefore believes that she is a violent person and probably responsible for the death of Bunny Folger; this puts her at the heart of the investigation into the murder.

After finding out about the hidden passageways linking the rooms of the Arconia together, Charles and Mabel witness a discussion between Nina and here partner in which he remarks that Bunny "had to go". They also find plans for installing a huge glass dome on the top of the building to bring it into modern times. They believe Bunny's objection to this could've been a prime motivation for Nina murdering her.

After this revelation, Oliver, Charles, Mabel, and Lucy visit Nina under the guise of bringing her a basket full of gifts for her baby. Here, they attempt to coax a confession from her, but this only stresses her out and she goes into labour. She tells Charles that he must find out who killed Bunny and remarks that she misses her. This is enough to eliminate Nina as a suspect in the investigation, and the three investigators go back to the drawing board.


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